Why choose Fox Wildlife?

Fox Wildlife is a professional wildlife and animal removal company. Our technicians will work to safely trap, remove and make sure wildlife won't return as quick as possible. We offer a wide variety of services for all of your wildlife and animal needs at a affordable cost! This company has been structured with the customer in mind. No sales or pressure, just honest service.  Consult with one of our licensed wildlife professionals to help answer any of your questions. We service the entire Valley: Cave Creek, Phoenix, Peoria, Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Mesa, Ahwatukee, Fountain Hills and more!

What We Do

Raccoon Control

Raccoons are a medium-sized mammal native to North America.  Raccoons are very intelligent animals because of this they can be a nuisance to a home or business.  Raccoons are nocturnal mammals and are rarely seen.  Raccoons explore attics and other vacant structures looking for food and shelter.  Raccoons can cause damage to roofs and other structures in just a few minutes to get what they want.

Rodent Control

Roof rats and pack rats are the most common rodent trapped around the valley.  Roof Rats, Pack Rats and other small rodents can be relentless in their attempts to invade your home or unoccupied structures.  Rats are mostly nocturnal and will eat almost anything.  Rats will quickly reproduce, what was two can quickly turn to ten within a few months.  Roof Rats and pack rats will crawl up walls, landscape or even follow power lines to get on to a roof and work their way into your home or business.  Our wildlife and animal professionals have a number of proven methods to remove and keep them out.

Gopher Control

Gophers are burrowing rodents.  There are around 35 species of gopher living in Central and North America.  They are commonly known for their extensive tunneling.  Gophers can be very destructive to properties.  Gophers like plush landscape with plenty of water and roots to feed on.  As gophers travel from yard to yard looking for food, water, or other gophers, they get rid of the excess dirt and push it up and out of their tunnels.  You can get multiple dirt mounds in a small area from just one gopher.

Snake Control

Beware of Rattle Snakes!  Snakes will often move into yards looking for food.
The most common snakes removed in Arizona are different species of rattle snakes, gopher snakes and king snakes.  During the harsh summer months snakes will move to shaded areas along homes, landscape and rocks.  Snake removal and prevention is also something we do to keep your pets and family safe!

Skunk Control

Skunks have long bodies with short legs and long claws that are great for digging. Commonly skunks color is black and white, some skunks are brown or grey and a few are cream-colored.  All skunks are striped regardless of color.  Some skunk may have two stripes across there back and tail, one solid stripe, white spots and broken stripes.  Skunks will feed off bugs, plants or trash left outside.  Skunks have two glands.  These glands produce the skunk's spray.  A skunk's spray is powerful enough to warn off the largest potential predators.

Pigeon Control 

Pigeons are referred to as a rat with wings.  Pigeons can be very messy.  Pigeons live on roof tops, inside eaves or under solar panels.  We offer several ways to take care of these problems.  Electrical, trapping, screening and more.

Lizard Control

There are many types of lizards in Arizona.  Most lizards are completely harmless. They will eat bugs and plants.  They dig holes in your yard or can sometimes manage to find a way into your home.  Lizards can't regulate their body temperature so they are looking for that perfect warm spot in or around your home.